Welcome to Camarillo Brazilian JiuJitsu, one of the top competition Brazilian JiuJitsu schools in the United States located in Bakersfield, California. Professor Daniel Camarillo, owner and head instructor, with over 40 years of competition and coaching experience has strategically combined his intense Judo with technical JiuJitsu to provide you with a learning environment conducive to competition, self defense, fitness, or just for fun.

Why Camarillo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

  • Our instructors are required to be SafeSport Certified, a training developed and supported by the U.S. Olympic Committee Program.
  • Camarillo Brazilian JiuJitsu is the only SafeSport Certified JiuJitsu Academy in California.
  • Camarillo Brazilian JiuJitsu is a national and international competition school.
  • Camarillo Brazilian JiuJitsu offers Jiujitsu Gi/Nogi and Judo. Classes are for toddlers, kids, men and women.
  • Our facility has over 2000 sq. ft. of mat space.
  • We offer various daily class schedules totaling 28 classes per week.