Jeremy Burton


Black Belt Judo and Brown Belt Camarillo JiuJitsu

I remember my time with SVJC (South Valley Judo Club) for the hard training and the Camarillo family Jim, Linda, Daniel, and David who treated me like family. I look back on my departure from Judo in the early to mid-90s as a regret that I am trying to change in some small way. I had heard Dan was teaching Jiu-Jitsu in town and thought that would be a great way to reconnect and show my family a little of what my life had been. I also wanted my children to experience competition as I did and to learn how to defend themselves. Now the Jiu-Jitsu experience has been wonderful and my family has made many lifelong friends.

• Placed Third USJA Jr. Nationals 1987
• Trained under Jim Camarillo, received black belt from Imamura Sensei, of Fresno Judo Club, after winning promotional tournament in 1987.
• Placed third in High school Nationals 1988
• Placed First USJF Jr. Nationals 1988
• Placed Second USJF Jr. Nationals 1990
• Trained in Japan

Jiu Jitsu
• Early 90’s trained under Rickson Gracie
• 2012 reunited with Daniel Camarillo former judo teammate.
• Placed First US Open 2012
• Promoted to Blue belt 2012
• Placed Second Pans 2013
• Purple Belt 2015
• Placed 1st 2016 US Open JiuJitsu Championships.